Rewiew: Password Safe

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Rewiew: Password Safe

Post by HiredGun on Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:57 pm

Hiya folk,
Welcome to my first posting of software I think is usable.
In this post I will review PASSWORD SAFE (

I have been using this program for about 4-5 months.(+points)
I picked it up during a net-search for a way to save all my passwords into one file on my desktop.
The options of generating a random password made this program look inciting.
I considered both paid and unpaid programs and used demos for the paid programs I considered.(reviews of paid programs and their demos to follow at a later date)
The initial setup was simple for a new and non-tech user which gives it a few points on my usability scale.(+points)
The option to open different password safes during the opening screen is nice(considering they use the last database as a starting place),since I manage both mine and my wife's seperate password safes from the same main system.

To wrap this up I consider PASSWORD SAFE a very capable program for free.
There are probably better paid options,but for the price PASSWORD SAFE is a very capable program for the price.
Thanks for listening.
More reviews later.



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